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 Will Switching To E-Cigs Save Me Money?

YES! Plus Save Even More With DealSqueeze Exclusive E-Cigarette Deals and Discount Codes On The Very Best Electronic Cigarette Brands in 2014

A common concern from a lot of people who are new to or just interested in smoking electronic cigarettes (or ”“vaping”“) is that it’s going to be an expensive hobby to start up. While it is true that developing a large collection of vaping paraphernalia does cost money, the high cost isn’t necessary. Plus, no matter how much you choose to spend on vaping, it’s likely to be less expensive than smoking tobacco. All it takes is some basic addition to realize that vaping is much more cost effective than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

For example, a person smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, at an estimated cost of $7.50 per pack, is spending almost $450 a month on cigarettes alone. That adds up to over $5000 spent a year, with nothing to show for it except a pile of ash. For a smoker of e-cigarettes, not only do you spend less money on the habit, but you also have a cool display of collectibles to show for your habit that is already healthier and cleaner than traditional smoking.

The hobby of vaping costs about as much as you want to put into it. For example, you can spend $100 on an expensive electronic cigarette starter kit with fancy liquid nicotine (or e-juice), but you can just as easily spend $30 to get a quality MINI e-cigarette and enjoy the experience. A budget of $150 a month is more than enough, depending on your preferences, a total cost of about $1800 per year. That’s a savings of $3600 over tobacco cigarettes, with artifacts to display and share.

Not everyone wants to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes, especially heavy smokers, but vaping is an enjoyable habit that might be even better. The options to personalize the electronic cigarette experience are definitely a contributor to that. Vaping is customized for the individual.

You can spend as much as you want on e-juice and cartridges a month. Some people will buy modifications that cost $500, or new rebuild-able tanks that cost $100 or more (if they don’t mind building coils), but the point is that the price of the hobby is varying. You can spend hundreds of dollars or tens of dollars and still get a great experience while vaping. Spending or saving is up to you. There are a lot of great models of e-cigarettes that cost around $70 and still provide a great user experience.

Vaping can be a great expression of oneself and one’s creative sensibilities. All of the options that can be customized make for a unique user experience and a perfect way to reflect your personality. Brands of tobacco cigarettes don’t say much about you, but finding the right flavors and mods for your e-cigarette is definitely a personal and defining experience.

All in all, smoking electronic cigarettes is definitely worth it, both for the monetary savings and for the personal expression. If you’d like, please give some feedback of your own to those looking to make the switch and tell them how well vaping has worked for you.


Why is it every stop smoking story starts with such a cliché beginning? It’s always “My wife and kids begged me to stop smoking” or usually some other dramatic beginning. Me, I needed money. My insurance at work started dividing us between tobacco and nontobacco users. There was a huge rate difference and with the economy the way it is I couldn’t afford to keep smoking.

I’m not going to lie and say I tried all the other things that people use to stop smoking. I tried twice. One was cold turkey and the other was the gum. The gum tasted like crap and cold turkey, well, it just sucks. Plus I loved smoking. I love taking cigarette breaks and going outside and talking with my friends. Turns out, one day one of my buddy’s showed up to work one day and had one of the e cigs.

To be honest we kind of chuckled at this. Then he pulled out a few hundred dollar bills and said, “One month.” We didn’t think that was very funny. I asked if I could borrow one and although I didn’t have the same exact feeling of a cigarette…I tried it while I was having a craving and it satisfied that. The next day he brought me an e cig and told me it was the first one. I have been ‘vaping’ since.

It was weird because I felt like I was cheating at the quit smoking thing. I still was ‘smoking’ or at least it felt like I was. I would go outside, ‘light’ something up, talk with my friends, socialize and not suffer from any headaches or withdrawl symptoms. I asked the people at my favorite deli if they had changed or added new ingredients and they said no. Then I realized food was tasting better because I had in fact quit smoking.

People offer me cigarettes and I turn them down. I actually feel guilty for that. I feel like I should grab them by the shirt and say, “You’re throwing away your health and money, stop it, this is SO easy to do!” Instead I just offer to let them try one. That’s right, I actually carry two e-cigs with me. The one I picked out that fits my style and the one that my friend gave me, just so I can get converts. Two of my friends have switched already.

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Look, everyone who begins smoking I think plans on quitting at some point.

We KNOW it causes cancer it’s just it’s not worth the hassle to quit right now. E cigs made it worth it. It was such as seamless transition that I didn’t really notice that I hadn’t been smoking until I would finish out a week and realize I had full packs of cigarettes that I normally would have to replace.

All my friends who have used ecigs were successful at quitting. Part of it we just feel like technology is evolving and so are we. The funny thing is that all of my friends have tried quitting smoking. The best we did was to just reduce the amount we smoked. Ecigs worked for us.

It’s not any real mystery or magic trick. Nicotine is the main culprit behind the addiction to smoking. We learn this as children. Sure there are other factors, like the social aspect and whatnot. Ecigs contain nicotine so they satisfy all of those cravings. And they satisfy the other ones as well, such as the social ones.

I do occasionally miss that initial rush of a tradiational cigarette. I would run out and bum one from someone else. You get that heat that slides down and oozes out. It’s like mediatting. But e cigs were like a cool rush instead and were just as satisfying. The fact that you can experiment with different flavors, even fun ones, only makes it better.

South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cigs - one of many options in the use and toss, very much entry level category of vapor cig.
South Beach Smoke Disposable E-Cigs – one of many options in the use and toss, very much entry level category of vapor cig.

Getting Started – Disposable E-Cigs (You Have My Permission To Skip Them Altogether If You Disappoint Easily)

You can never really trust what an advertiser says, even what you are reading here. It is obvious this is an advertisement of sorts, not just a blog. So I could sit here and tell you that they taste JUST like regular cigarettes. But that’s an exaggeration. They ARE different. And at first I was thinking, “I knew it, not like a cigarette at all.” Look at this wimpy “smoke”. My buddy watched as I kept sucking in to get what I thought was a proper drag. He informed me that you can’t get that same feeling in your lungs. “Just stay with it man” he said. But by the time I had finished my first disposable my opinion had changed. I had lost track of time just like a real cigarette. In a way I had “forgot” I was using an ecig.

You’ve already seen them around. Every time you buy real cigarettes you can see them. Many people are skeptical. You ever notice the guy who owns the gas station when you ask him out they are he says they suck? Why do you think that is? Because he doesn’t want you to buy them, he wants you to keep coming back and buying his cigarettes! Ask the regular cashier there who says he uses e-cigs too.

Ecigs are available everywhere, the grocery store, the gas station, and most bars.

I am a tech sort of person so I don’t use them as much as I used to but for the first six months that I ‘vaped’ I used disposables because of how easy they were and there was nothing to fool around with. (Note, it is very easy to spill your eliquid if you are careless) One point for disposables.

There is no magic cure all. Anyone who says that is selling something. I’m selling something, of sorts. Marketing is all how you say a thing. So let me be nonflattering. This is a form of aerosolized nicotine. Doesn’t sound as good as e-cig or electronic cigarette or whatever. But they work.

One of our friends is a die hard smoker. He thought e cigs were lame. He said he could tell the difference easier. We had all quit by them and wanted him to but we understood that smokers hate that type of pressure. So we got him one to keep in case he ran out of cigarettes. His “backup” we called it. One time he was craving a cigarette hard and didn’t have any. We saw him later that night and he said, “They aren’t the same. But I can use them.”

You would be amazed how many advanced e cigs there are out there. I have one at home for when I relax. There are ones that can actually give you that be jolt of ‘smoke’ and feel like the real thing, albeit a cool one. E-cigs come in so many varieties that you can find anyone that suits you.

v2 cigs ex set the new standard for rechargeable mini cigalike ecigarettes

v2 cigs ex set the new standard for rechargeable mini CIG-A-LIKE e-cigarettes

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes – CIG-A-LIKE (aka Mini E-Cigarettes)


When you are serious about the e cig world you will find a whole section of advanced and ‘heavy duty’ e cigarettes. These are rechargeable and have disposable e liquid reservoirs.

Those who are the big time smokers use these because of how much money we save as well as the flexibility we can get. These units give us more of the rush of air into our lungs because they have more vapors.

They are stylish and tech savvy too, they have rechargeable battery and you can plug them into your laptop’s USB charger or even the wall. Then you refill your cartridge and your back to vaping. The rechargeable ones can be as small as a regular cigarette or as big as a maglight. (one of the small maglights). Like any electronic device, the larger the battery the longer it will last, all things being equal.

TIP – Buy an extra battery so you can use one and charge the other.

The e cig manufacturers have put a pack of smoke equivalent to their cartridges so that you have an idea of how long they last. In my experience they are pretty liberal with their estimates and I wouldn’t trust them unless you take extremely ‘dainty’ drags. Just keep your expectations reasonable.

You can vary what cartridge you use and even how much nicotine you use. That way you can either vap more frequently if that’s what you like or have higher levels so you get less cravings. Note – Remember that if you have special cartridges that are your particular flavor to keep a couple with you in case you can’t find them in a store near you.


OK Time For A Quick Recap Before I Quickly Discuss EGO E-Cigs and Vape Pens / Vaporizer Mods – The Crazy Ones!



Disposable e cigarettes

Are single use, nonrefillable e cigs. Useful when you can’t carry a “kit” with you, simply throw out when you are finished. Vendors will often include these packages to try out different flavors.

Rechargeable E Cigarettes – Generally Where I Suggest You Start Out

Either one of the great e-cig starter kits featured through this site is going to offer you an outstanding product – the issue is more to do with personal preferences and lifestyle fit which is something worth considering. For example those in front of a computer all day (or near a usb outlet) will get much more from USB-Passthrough E-Cigs such as the V2 PowerCig – while those on the go constantly are not going to want to even try making do without a PCC (Portable Charging Kit). More Notes as to who each is particularly suited towards in individual product entries and offer pages here on DEALSQUEEZE.

The Good – Cost less (in the long run) than using disposables. Ability to swap out your flavors, these are simple to use and look just like a cigarette.
The Not So Good – Not as much vapor as you might prefer in some models. You have to remember to charge the battery too. Sometimes you need to have a certain type of charger as well.

ON To E-Cig Type 3 – Which is Represented Best In Our Recommended Brands Lineup By VaporZone, V2 PRO Vaporizers (just out!) and several units from HALO Cigs and Smokeless Image VOLT2

VaporZone's Take On The EGo Style of E-Cigarette Offers Compatibility and Great Performance at a Good Price - Though The Newer V2 Pro Vape Pen Series 3 Transcends The Category (what else from V2?)

VaporZone’s Take On The EGo Style of E-Cigarette Offers Compatibility and Great Performance at a Good Price – Though The Newer V2 Pro Vape Pen Series 3 Transcends The Category (what else from V2?)

EGO E Cigarettes / Vaporizers

While the standard rechargeable e cigs are great, eGo is the next on the hierarchy of e cig technology. These can give you more vapor and have a larger battery which can last all day but provide the same amount of variety choices as the other models. They have very great prices and have multiple sizes and styles. You may find that, ultimately, these are the best e cigs you can find and are your preferred choice. They are for me.

Someone was pretty smart. E – Cigarettes have been around for awhile but they didn’t really take off until someone standardized the “510” thread that is found on batteries. Because of this, at least for most manufacturers, you are able to screw different components onto more components. This allows us to mix and match whatever style/size we want.

The tanks you can swap out are :

• Atomizers- It’s just a simple heating element which you can drop a few drops of the e liquid on. These are for trying out flavors.

• Clearomizers- uses wicks that draw e liquid out of the tank and onto the heating element.

• Cartomizers- polly-filled wrap that soaks up e liquid

• Tankomizers- These take a cartomizer and put it on a bigger tank of eliquid, with a hole that allows it to seep through to the heating element.

Once people could use their e cigs for how they wanted, to change out their size or style when they felt like it, egos e cigs really took off. While they are slightly larger than a regular cigarette they are not as big as a personal vaporizer. Thus, people won’t notice as much if you are trying to be discrete.

One of the realities of vaping is that you need a battery. Even though I don’t usually go through a battery most of the day I keep another one just in case. A pretty heavy vaper will probably want a eGo C or even a eGo-T battery which is 1300mah.

eGo batteries are clever. To turn on, simply the only button on it seven times in rapid sucession. Do the same to turn off. (This prevents you from turning them on accidently. Though it’s not dangerous you could burn out the heating element.

Ego has a model called the eGo Twist e cig that allows you to do variable voltage. The neat thing about vaping is that a higher or lower voltage will affect the eliquid more so that you will get a different taste. Some people use a higher voltage in the morning and a lower one at night, and vice versa.

The eGo Twist model offers the option to adjust the amount of voltage supplied to the heating element. This is controlled by a dial on the bottom of the unit that twists to the desired position. A great option for anyone who uses several flavors of e-liquid, as flavors will taste different depending on the voltage of the heating element.

eGo e cigs are often considered the best bang for buck in the e cigarette market. You get good vapor, a good mix of size and performance, and flexibility. I was amazed at how much vapor these things can pump out. If you still think e cigs aren’t for you or you aren’t getting that authentic feeling, you might want to try an eGo e cig.



How Do E-Cigs Work?

Electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigs) are a way for people who smoke but do not wish to inhale harmful substances to do so. They allow the smoker to inhale water vapor at a nicotine level of their choosing. They also come in flavored vapors, making them more satisfying to the smoker.

The two types of e-cigs are the three piece and the two piece models.

The components that make the three piece model work are the battery, cartridge, and atomizer. The cartridge holds a liquid form of a nicotine substance that is held in a filter, and then delivered to the atomizer. Using a heating coil and specific circuitry, the atomizer then transforms the liquid into a vapor that can be inhaled. This vapor looks like smoke but has a more pleasant taste for the smoker to enjoy. In order to begin smoking, the smoker must charge the battery, put the three pieces together and then continue on to smoke the e-cig.

Basically, the charged battery acts as a match or lighter would and “ignites” the front of the e-cig to emit a flashing LED light at the front of the e-cig. The battery then works to activate the heating coil, which releases the vapor from the e-cig for inhalation.

As stated earlier, the e-cig also comes in a two piece model. The difference between a three piece and two piece e-cig is that the two piece combines the cartridge and atomizer to create a cartomizer. The cartomizer increases the efficiency of the process that takes places between the cartridge and the atomizer that is seen in the three piece model. Because of this difference, the two piece model has an advantage over the three piece, which is that it is easier and quicker to use.

On the two piece e-cig model, the LED light is “ignited” when the smoker presses a button or when the he or she inhales. The inhalation sends a signal that will set off the cartomizer to begin releasing the vapor.

Most e-cigs are rechargeable but the number of times a battery can be recharged depends on the model.

Some major benefits to using e-cigs in contrast to regular cigarettes are; no second hand smoke, no flame, nothing left to clean up, no excess odor, significant decrease in the toxic chemicals that are in traditional cigarettes, lower cost, and e-cigarettes are allowed to be smokes in places where traditional ones are not.

Because of these benefits, e-cigs popularity is growing.

Using E-Cigs To Quit Smoking

Quiting smoking with E-Cigs is going to be different for everybody. The difference that is felt here most likely will depend on how heavy of a smoker you were to begin with. Those that weren’t the heaviest smokers seem to have a relatively easy time quiting with the use of an E-Cig. For those that were heavy smokers, the process may take a little longer and will be a little tougher.

There are other options for you than just E-cigs as well. There are larger. There are larger vaporizor systems. These larger pieces will create a larger amount of vapor that will be help those heaviest of smokers with the process of quiting a little better. In most cases, regardless of how heavy a smoker you were, quiting smoking will require fighting through a few unpleasant days. These E-cigs and Vaporizors are just made in an effort to try and ease the pain for those that are trying to quit smoking.

These devices also attend to those little habits that come along with smoking. Oral stimulation from smoking is a big part of the addiction, so having something safer to replace smoking cigarettes with can really help. There are a lot of other things that are available to smokers that are there to help them in the effort of stopping smoking.

There are a lot of blogs out on the internet on the topic. These blogs can be in the form of support groups. These support groups can just provide an outlet for people to talk about their experiences. People can right success stories as motivation, or ask for motivation themselves. It is an opportunity to share their experience, and mention what worked for them in their efforts to quit smoking, and what didn’t work. Regardless of how heavy a smoker you are, or how long you have been smoking, it is possible for you to quit, and there are plenty of things, and people that are there to help you in your efforts.

You just have to be willing to explore options, and experiment with certain methods. It will not be an easy process, and will most likely involve one to a few pretty unpleasant days as you kick the addiction, but it can be done. You can research any little piece of the process that you want to as well. If it is the E-cigs that you want more information about, research it. If you want to hear about others’ experiences, then research it. The information that you need is out there, you just have to be willing to put in the time and put in the effort. If your health is that important to you, then you will find the combination of aids that works for you in your efforts to quit smoking.