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v2 Cigs

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v2 Cigs

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v2 ecigs

Those interested in the fast-rising business of e-cigs will be interested to know that you need to look no further than V2Cigs to get started. Their starter kits are centered on bringing value to the consumer, offering a packaged deal that gives you all the tools you’ll need to experience e-cigarettes at a price better than buying all of the pieces individually. The six different starter kits offered in V2Cigs collection is highlighted with the V2 Ultimate Kit which, combined with the code “EVAPE15″ will give you a deal of 15% off the already discounted price, ensuring a cheap introduction to the new style of smoking.

Already have a kit? Looking to add to it? There’s still offers, gadgets and accessories that could improve your experience. Take batteries, for instance. As they are still being slowly rolled out, they’re not yet offered as a part of the starter kits but V2Cigs line of “Ex Series” batteries will prove themselves as more than capable of providing you with capabilities not yet seen in any other line of e-cig battery. They come highly stylized with a cartridge sleeve and, more importantly, the batteries will tell you when they’re running out as it comes with a battery power indicator. This indicator uses multiple lights to give you a better idea of when it’s finally going to run out so you’re not left wondering if the puff you’re taking now will be the last. The EX Series battery offers convenience and a polished look at a discount price, starting at $29.95 if you use the code “EVAPE10″.

Also included in this EX Series offered by V2Cigs are EX blanks if you choose to use e-liquid. Along with this, the EX cartridge, which will see its launch in May of 2014, will have a substantially more amount of puffs per individual cartridge so that your e-cig experience is longer-lasting.

Make sure that when you visit V2Cigs.com you check out their “Limited Editions” and “Sale” sections daily as they’ll always have unique offers at hand that are not often advertised. Within the Limited Edition section, you’ll find a selection of e-liquids and cartridges that include fan favorite tastes such as chocolate, grape, and even the cinnamon flavor found in the Valentine’s Day promotion. Some of these unique items are often limited in stock and will only be around for a short amount of time.

What you’ll find in the “Sales” section are deals that can swoop under the radar but provide great value for the price. As stuff flies off the shelf, there will often be clearance items that will fall within this section of the site. Again, these deals aren’t always advertised, so every time you check out V2 Cigs make sure you give these deals a glance.

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V2 Cigs: Setting the Standards for Flavor

V2 Cigs understands that flavor is paramount to really enjoying electronic cigarettes.  Check out V2 Cigs for their multitude of flavor options.  Use promo code EVAPE10 to get 10% off of everything.  Getting started in vaping has never been easier.  With flavors ranging from traditional cigarettes to anything you can imagine, V2 Cigs has never made it easier to choose or create your own personalized flavor profile.

Beginning electronic cigarette users are often making the switch from traditional cigarettes.  They are interested in the vaping alternative and want something that closely resembles the taste of their old traditional cigarette brands.  Although not specifically mentioned by name, V2 Cigs has flavors very similar to Marlboro, Camel, Parliament, and different brands of menthol.  If you are nervous about switching over from a traditional cigarette, don’t fear, they have a flavor profile closely resembling what you were used to.

There are also two methods with which to purchase your flavor.  Most vapors purchase cartridges which have their flavor already loaded into the cartridge.  More enthusiastic vapors purchase the liquid by itself and then add it to blank cartridges which are also available at V2 Cigs.  Check out the new EX Blanks.  They set an industry standard with their new no drip and tight seal design.

When deciding upon an existing flavor profile users have the choice of ten different flavors.  In addition to the flavors tasting like traditional cigarettes, there is also the option to try fun flavors like cherry, coffee, vanilla, and cola.  If you are unsure about which brand to try, V2 Cigs has a simple way to try them all.  It’s called the 10 pack sampler.  It gives you one cartridge of each flavor profile so you can find the one that closely matches your preference.

An area that is often overlooked is the limited edition section. Here, the V2 flavor experts put special edition flavors that they sell for a limited time.  The flavor creationist put up fun flavors like cinnamon, grape, and chocolate.  They even have a flavor resembling Zig-Zag brands.  These flavors are available on a limited basis and change often.  Continue to come back often to see which new and exciting flavors would interest you.

Perhaps the most innovative thing that V2 Cigs offers is the ability to create your own flavor.  Located on the site under Custom Cartridges, V2 Cigs gives you the ability to create whatever flavor you want.  The V2 flavor experts will match any flavor you can think of.  For $225, you get 100 cartridges in the flavor you design.  Use EVAPE10 as a promo code and get an additional 10 percent off.  Each cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes so you get your flavor for roughly $2.00 for an equivalent of a traditional cigarette pack.  Creating the flavor is as simple as using the open text box to let the flavor creationists know exactly what flavor profile you are looking for.  Have fun trying to find what’s best for you.  They also have a list of suggestions if you are interested in learning about possible combinations.

V2 Cigs understands the importance of flavor.  They have plenty of options that mirror what you may be used to, and their expert flavor specialists can help you create a flavor that is completely unique.  Don’t forget to use EVAPE10 as a promo code for 10 percent off your purchase.  Check out V2 cigs and pick your flavor or design your own today.

How to use a V2 Discount Code:

If you have been considering trying E-Cigarettes, now just might be the time.  V2Cigs.com offers a product called “The Ultimate Starter Kit” which allows you to try five different flavors and strengths so you can decide which one is right for you.  This kit is already a good deal at $149.95 compared to competitive packages out there, but V2 allows you to also use coupon codes on already discounted merchandise.  How many times have you found a coupon code, only to be disappointed that you couldn’t use it because the item is already on sale?  Not with V2 e-cigs, you will be getting a good deal with a coupon on top of it.  V2 also emails their customers to let them know when something is on sale, so you can be sure that you won’t miss out on getting the best price for all of your E-Cigarette supplies.

What about those coupon codes?  There are two codes available.  EVAPE15 will allow you to take 15% off of starter kits and any items you purchase in combination with them in the same transaction.  EVAPE10 allows you to take 10% off of everything else including refills, cartridges, batteries and accessories.  These codes combined with the deals already offered on V2 electronic cigarettes could add up to substantial savings to you.

Let’s talk a little more about the Ultimate Starter Kit.  This kit is going to get you started with using E-Cigarettes.  It is going to allow you to try five different flavors and strengths.  So if you have never used E-Cigarettes before,  this will allow you to sample some of the options available.  Each flavor pack is equivalent to five packs of cigarettes, so in total you will be getting the equivalent of 25 packs of cigarettes.  If you live in a state where a single pack of cigarettes is over ten dollars you will see a substantial savings with this kit at about five dollars per pack.  However, after you have purchased your starter pack and found the flavor and strength that is right for you, you will only pay about two dollars for a refill that equals a pack of cigarettes.  As you can imagine, this will really add up.

After you add items to your cart, don’t forget those discount codes.  EVAPE15 is for 15% off starter kits and items purchased in the same transaction.  EVAPE10 is for everything else on the site.  After proceeding through your order, you will also be presented with One Time Combo Deals.  These are items that can be combined with your order to save you even more on your final price.  If you are getting started with E-Cigarettes, you may want to try the 10 Flavor Sampler in combination with your starter kit so that you can really pinpoint which flavor you prefer.

Whether you are just getting started with E-Cigarettes, thinking about getting started with E-Cigarettes or have been a long time user, V2 can really add up to substantial savings.  With all of the starter pack options and flavor combinations, you can really customize your E-Cigarette experience to find what is most satisfying to you.  All of these options combined with substantial savings through already discounted prices and coupon codes makes V2 a smart choice for all your E-Cigarette needs.

The Best Accessories to Complete your Vaping Experience

“V2 Cigs”, America’s best-selling online brand of “Smokeless Vapor (Electronic) Cigarette alternative” products since March 2011, has some amazing hidden treasures buried amidst its website that is certain to excite fans of the products. E-cigarette users and former nicotine smokers can now enjoy the therapeutic benefits of water vapor vs tobacco smoke; by redeeming a newly launched coupon promotions offered by the Miami, Florida based company. These new promotions offer smokers, the most significant savings for the V2cig starter kits and batteries.

The V2 Cig website boasts of over 1 million satisfied customers, and offers an array of products, beginning with the V2 Beginners’ starter kit. This kit includes the e-cigarette battery, and 6 V2 flavor cartridges, in V2 Red or V2 Menthol flavors and strengths to choose from, and one express charger. To explore a multitude of flavors, you can order the V2 Sampler pack. Flavors included in this variety are 10 cartridges in V2 Red, Sahara, Congress, V2 Menthol, Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla, and V2 Cola each. V2 Flavor Samplers are available in five nicotine strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine. These inclusive kits run from $24.95 to $149.95, but with the EVAPE15 coupon, it takes an additional $30 off the already low price for these starter kits and other various products, offering a 15 % discount using the code.

Browsing the site, you might want to wander to other tabs off the beaten track like the limited edition and sale sections. The limited editions products offer even more discounted codes for the EX Series V2 Ecig batteries and an additional 10% off the $21.95 cartridge sleeves just by using the EVAPE10 discount code. These new cartridge sleeves are one of the first cigarette sleeves with a e-cig battery indicator, so you’ll never have to worry about your battery conking out during mid-puff. They also come in sleek colors like black and brushed steel. While you’re there, check out the limited edition flavors before they’re gone; chocolate, grape and cinnamon may not be around for much longer.

And don’t forget to check out the sale and clearance section! These items are usually not advertised, but you’ll always be sure to find a nugget of a deal! This week, the V2 e-cig metal carry case XL is on sale for $19.96, along some other great liquid nicotine deals.

v2 excellence in ecigs

Read what a fellow “Vaper” has to say about V2 electronic cigarettes:

“Here it is, the brand that has helped to define the electronic cigarette market: V2. Being one of the first e-cigs to ever hit the market, this brand is well-known for its quality, power, and style. Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes; the user inhales substances with significantly reduced tobacco and nicotine, and only exhales water vapor, meaning there is no risk to others around the user. This really opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to someone used to having to conform to smoking laws, or keeping their habit away from the people that they love. With V2 Cigs, you are free to smoke in a variety of public locations, such as restaurants, malls, and typically anywhere there are usually regulations against smoking (although these rules vary from state to state- make sure you consult your local laws). When using an electronic cigarette, you don’t have to worry about hurting the people around you or creating a foul smelling environment.  This also means clean, fresh breath even after a vape, and no more unsightly cigarette butts or ash trays! V2 E-Cigs are extremely easy to use as well; there are only two parts, a lithium ion battery and a flavor cartridge which contains the substance that is smoked.

V2, as one of the leaders in the electronic cigarette industry, is known for a variety of flavors, including V2 Red, Menthol, Sahara, Peppermint and Congress. There are a variety of flavors for all shapes, sizes, and experience levels of e-cig smokers, from fruity and inviting flavors for the newcomer such as Cherry and Coffee to bolder, stronger tobacco flavors for those converting from traditional cigarettes. All of these flavors can also vary by the amount of nicotine in the cartridge, ranging from Strong to Zero; this ensures that you get the perfect balance of flavor and nicotine that suits your own personal tastes!

Another great benefit about switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to V2 electronic cigarettes is the impact it will have on your wallet. Instead of picking up two or three packs every day, the average “vaper” may have to pick up new flavor cartridges every couple of months. By switching to e-cigarettes, the typical smoker can save literally thousands of dollars a year! Most electronic cigarettes last years without anything needing to be replaced except the flavors that you use and reuse.

While making the switch from a traditional cigarette to an electronic one can be a difficult switch, it is an undoubtedly a positive one in almost all aspects of life. You will feel better, your loved ones will be more supportive, and, most important of all, you can be healthier.  V2 knows that their quality of flavors, long lasting batteries, and their number one voted customer service will ensure that you never go back to tobacco cigarettes again! They are so sure of their product that they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee to anyone purchasing the product for the first time. Change your life today: go V2 and never look back!”

v2 e-cigs the #1 brand